Iron Rank

4.99 USD


Gold Rank

9.99 USD


Diamond Rank

19.99 USD


Emerald Rank

29.99 USD


Obsidian Rank

39.99 USD


Bedrock Rank

49.99 USD


Bedrock+ Rank

59.99 USD

Exclusive Prefix
Exclusive Chat Prefix
All Games
Discord and Website Donor Role
Get an Exclusive Donor Tag on our Discord and Website
Skyblock, Survival, Factions
Exclusive Donor Kit
Access to an Exclusive Donor Kit
Ability to Edit Wiki
Access to edit the gamemode tip and tricks of the official wiki
Bunny and Mooshroom Morphs
Able to morph into a Bunny or a Mooshroom
Exclusive Presentman Rewards
Extra Presentman Rewards
Access to all Minion Skins
Access to apply any minion skin to your minions
Access to /sit and more
Access to /sit /lay /spin /bellyflop
Skyblock, Survival, Creative
Change Nickname on Discord
Change your visible name on our official Discord server
Number of Creative Plots
Create more creative plots! Use /plot auto or /plot claim
Creative 3 4 4 6 6 8 10
Number of Player Vaults
Access more vaults with /pv (number)
Skyblock, Factions, Prison, Heroes, Survival 2 2 3 3 4 5 6
Exclusive KitPvP Kit
Access to an exclusive kit
KitPvP Blacksmith Kit Caveman Kit Scout Kit Alchemist Kit Blademaster Kit Reaper Kit Thug Kit
Veteran Kit
Access to an exclusive kit
Tower Defense
Plot World Edit
Use all World Edit effects on your plots. View more info by typing //help
Premium Hardcore VD Kit
Access to this exclusive kit
Village Defense
Access to /ast
Gives tools for editing armour stands in many ways
Skeleton and Pigman Morphs
Able to morph into a Skeleton or a Pigman
10% Extra Sell Wand Money
Earn extra money from selling with the sell wand
Factions, Skyblock
Access to More Homes
Set more homes with /sethome
Skyblock, Factions, Creative, Survival 5 5 10 10 10 Infinite
Access to /stonecutter
Open a virtual stonecutter
Skyblock, Survival
Access to /heads
Access the custom head database
Skyblock, Survival, Creative
Ride Pandas, Goats, and Sniffers
Ride and control pandas, goats, or sniffers like they were a horse
Skyblock, Survival
Access to /tabcolor
Change the color of your name in the TAB list
All Games
Spider and Donkey Morphs
Able to morph into a Spider or a Donkey
Access to /wab
Toggle Permanent Water Breathing
All Games
Access to /tagcolor
Change the color of the name above your player character
All Games
Access to the Expert Digsite
Access to the Expert Digsite warp that gives increased chance to receive artifacts while digging with /expertdigsite
Skyblock, Factions
Access to /rename
Rename the item in your hand
Skyblock, Factions, Survival, Prison, Creative
Access to /fly
Toggle the ability to fly
Skyblock, Factions, Lobby, Prison
Access to /flyspeed
Change to speed of your flight up to 3
Skyblock, Creative, Prison
Access to /feed
Satisfy your hunger
Skyblock, Factions, Heroes, Survival, Maze, Prison
Legendary Kit
Access to an exclusive kit
Tower Defense
Increased Vote Rewards
Chance to receive double the rewards for voting
McMMO and Skills Boost
Gain McMMO and Skills XP faster
Factions, Heroes
Access to /chatcolor
Change the color of your chat messages
All Games
Access to /namecolor
Change the color of your name in the chat. View colors with: /colors
All Games
Keep XP on Death
XP Remains even if items are lost on death
Skyblock, Factions, Heroes, Survival
Color Codes in Chat
Add color codes to your chat messages to change their color
All Games
Villager and Iron Golem Morphs
Able to morph into a Villager or an Iron Golem
Block Morph
Able to morph into any block of your choice
Access to /suffix
Add a custom suffix to your name in the chat
All Games
Access to /nv
Toggle Permanent Night Vision
All Games
Access to /lounge in Lobby
Access to an exclusive lounge area